You're A Beautiful Woman Read Count : 17

Category : Poems

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I love the way you look
You're a real pretty picture to see
Your beauty is so sweet
Even Venus envies your looks
Your beauty is so sweet
The doctor diagnosed you
With severe chronic cuteness
So don't worry if people
Stop and stare to take a look
They see just what I see
A wonderful beautiful woman.

I love the way your kiss
Your lips are like petals of a flower
Your kisses taste so sweet
Even honey doesn't compare
To the sweetness of your kisses
I need them
A dozen a day
As many as I can get
Just can't seem to get enough
Of your love
Because you are a beautiful woman.


  • Jul 13, 2020

  • cheers Nat you make me write and I like what's coming out, thank you ♡♡♡♡♡

    Jul 13, 2020

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