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I need your breath to clean my lungs.  
I need you here to clear my mind.  
It hurts my heart to love you, 
But I will take the risk. 

 I need your thoughts to live,
 I need your love to breathe,
 I need your eyes to see clearly. 
 I need a hug that leaves me breathless.  

I need you in my room, 
We need to break the rules,
 Let our plans run,
 Run through our dirty eyes.

  I need a change,
 It's not about my hair,
 I need something new, 
Something about to clean my life.  

I need to understand that love
 Is more than holding hands, 
And late kisses after midnight, 
But I'd like you to be here tonight.  

I need you to sit when I drive you away, 
To kiss me when can start the rain
And to love me the way I love you, my life.


  • Jul 13, 2020

  • Jul 13, 2020

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