How I Wish We Could Live Forever Read Count : 40

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I hold on to you
Touch you anywhere you want me to
All through the night
I'm kissing your body
Wherever you like
You make feel good and strong
Just as long as we are together
You need to know I love you
Really want you
Like to care for you.

I'm so in love with you
You shine for me
Need to know you better
Need to know who you really are.

Feel like we've been kissing forever
And how you make me wish
We could both live forever
I still dream of us together.

You are the light of my existence 
My sunshine
You light the way
To better days
To a better life
To a better place.


  • Jul 13, 2020

  • this is an older poem, not dated so I guess a year old, the pic is me and Nat at Tracy's during Christmas in 2018

    Jul 13, 2020

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