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The beauty of money
With or without it
The beauty of freedom
More valuable than money
Why spend your life
Chasing dollars or pounds
When you can dedicate your life
To love and loved ones
Why waste your time
Slaving away your life
In a dead end job
All that precious time wasted
To build a large bank account
That in some cases
You will never get a chance to spend
 Or live long enough to ever spend
It doesn't make any sense
What's even worse is
Doing anything to risk your freedom
Weather for money Or revenge
Is it worth loosing your liberty
Your life and dignity. 
Love is better than money
Freedom is better than money
Company is better than money
Family and friends is better than money
Why risk it all committing crime for financial gain
People really do need a good education
It's seems silly to brake the law
Laws are there for the benefit of everyone
It's seems too much drink & greed
Drives people to stupidity too
I rather be here at home
With or without any cash 
with my wife and cat
Than behind bars 
because I wanted to get rich quick
Or for any other reason
It doesn't make any sense
I'm happy where I am in life
Wouldn't change it for all the money in the world.

Coupled in my perfect harmony
Soothed by our love and affection
Sat in satisfied poverty
Living in peace and tranquillity.

Greed is a deadly sin
There are other ways to live
Got nothing left to say except
Money is the root of all evil today. 


  • Jul 12, 2020

  • sorry for being so opinionated on this subject, remember its just my opinion and point of view of things, dont mean to discurage anyone who rather have a career and a job rather than be devoted to their lover and be a old romantic like me, everybody chooses their own ways in life otherwise if every one agreed with me, the prisons would be empty, everybody would be in and out of bed with their lover and absolutely nothing would get done and civilization as we know it would come to a stop, LOL

    Jul 12, 2020

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