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Today I was going through memory lanes,
And some memories come to me,
Despite all the memories I had,
The best ones were with you,
I could not help but smile,
Truly from far have we come.

We have been through a lot together,
The fire and the snow have we endured,
I thought you would be my friend,
But you ended up being more,
In you I found a best friend and confidant,
And this is our memory lane.

Remember when we first met,
And arrogant you thought I was,
And a bad picture in your mind you formed,
Well I am glad it did not last long,
And friendship we struck that was to be an amazing one.

You are the one friend who has seen me cry,
And from you nothing could I hide,
And no matter how painful it was,
You were there to comfort me always,
I was vulnerable around you,
And my weakness only you could see.

I remember when I would get mad at you,
And for no apparent reason at all,
But then I would search for you,
Cause I could not be apart from you,
How I miss those dramatic moments,
When emotions got so high.

Remember that special place of ours,
Where no secrets could be hidden,
And free we were with each other,
This place was really special,
It has seen more tears and joy than any other place,
It was our perfect,little haven.

Remember when you would defend me,
Even when I told you not to do it,
But you were so stubborn,
But I knew I did not have to worry when you were around,
For you would fight my battle with me,
And thank you for that too.

You are a blessing God gave to me,
And the best gift I could ask for,
And the best version of you brought out,
And the best moments with you did I have,
I would give anything to have you just for a day,
So that these memories we could relive,
For they were the best.

Truly time does fly,
And though you are not here with me,
Our precious memories do I have,
And down this memory lane will I pass,
Because they are precious to me,
Just as you are closest to my heart,
Till next time my friend,take care.


  • Jul 13, 2020

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