Maybe Its Just You And Not Us Read Count : 17

Category : Poems

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I ask my self are we together or not 
You buy things at every shop 
Soon I will be broke and still you don't have a job 
Last week you got robed by a mob 
You talk about your self not us 
And every thing you find a bad word to curse or worse 
I finally found the problem your lack of love for other people 
You just leave them weapingyour just evil 
Just maybe the problem is just you and not us 
And please don't co use a fuss I packed your things and charterda bus 
Leave and don't return I'll be fine on my own 
Or find some one of my own 
I love you but this is just not right 
Every day we fight 
Your excuse will not work 
Start a bus miss or get a work 
just Bye 
Because our love was a lie 


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