REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#1,Chapter#18♡) Read Count : 19

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
 All over only sounds of firing and yelling widely spreaded. Many knights got killed. Many knights killed rivals. Then Hatrex ran fastly to a place. Della said "Now what can we do without Dark Knight you cannot chase him" Then Balvin saw at Della and said "I think you forgot about my power. Now watch" Balvin blew a loud whistle. After 10 seconds Balvin's lightning wolf Bolt came their with a really fast speed. Then Balvin said "Bolt! Activate the war mode" Then Bolt turned into a killing machine. Balvin looked at Della and smiled. Then he said "Now what are you looking come on hopp on" Actually Della scared from Bolt. She replied "No i use my teleportation power" Then Balvin hold her back and sat her on Bolt. She got scared and yelled. Balvin laughed when he saw Della. He said "Don't worry i am with you he is our friend. Look i am kissing him" "Okay okay just make it fast!" Replied by Della in scariness. She was sat on front of Balvin and hugged him. Balvin felt so secure and good and said "I wish this time stopped here. You don't know that you are my real power" Della looked at him with dizzy eyes. Then she blushed and smilled and said "Ok my lovely doufer husband but now we have a war to win so don't be silly" After this Bolt ran in speed of light towards Hatrex. After 1 minute they reached at a horrible tomb. They both entered in the tomb and then Della felt some thing. She closed her eyes and lifted up her hand towards the tomb. Her hand was shining. And then she saw all the history of this tomb. Balvin said "What happened Della! What do you saw?" Then Della said "This tomb was made for God of Fire since birth of King Helorrx. His name was SANTORA. God made  Santora for formation of Firex. Then Balvin said "It's mean God of  Lightning and Magic was existed." Then Della said "Yes but God made 2 more elemento Gods. When all the Gods finished their work they have to leave Zakandlas but God of Magic do a bad work he turned all the lavens and thunders into Deadly lions and wolfs and then he killed 2 elemento Gods but he can't got their powers because all Gods already store there powers into different types of blades. They made these wepons in 2 years with the strongest and rare metal. These wepons are unbreakable but when these wepons combined togather they can separates Darklite and Firex. But God of lighting and fire leave there half soul in 2 animals and made 4 tomb. 2 tombs are located in the Darklite and two in the Firex. Then both Gods combined togather and killed the God of Magic and from that he called God of Destruction. But in his last breath he bite a lion and convert his all powers in a black cristel. Then both God reached to their tombs and locked their selfs in the tombs with the mighty baldes and die there. And this is the tomb of Fire God" 



  • plz read at rate it

    Jul 12, 2020

  • Re read over and over, only recommendation, and find it a bit low to rate yours 5 stars

    Jul 12, 2020

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