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sooooo uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh

basically ive been trying to get a lil better but it hasn't been so well. im currently trying to get my ex back. im not doing so well. andddd theres more but id rather not explain. anyways im deleting this app, so my final goodbye, all i wanna say is, be careful. dont hurt yourself. and its gonna be okay, it'll get better eventually. just keep trying hun' and if you want to message me or reach out to me, you can follow me on twitter: @cherryisdumbsmh 

bye everyone, :)


  • Coco ....

    Coco ....

    you can also follow my insta: @syndmi my name input on insta is cherry and i have about 130 followers currently <3

    Jul 12, 2020

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