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Life is very beautiful.But we have to Know that how to enjoy the life .If something  loss ,So we think that there is no life .This is very wrong thinking process.this  will destroy the future which is before us .We can not walk ,run , stand.why we re living every minute fearable life? There is strangable world.So much of place .Lot of wind.Why we are breathing hardly?.The God will saying always do t fear iam looking to you, what are you doing.if you did not succes in interview ,why are thinking that you will not able for anything,you are falling down.this is too much insulting to your braveness,to your elders,to your lovers,
You do can run zo far of can reach your goal.Every day is your new future.bright can earn money ,fame .And you can win your family better than of your fore fathers.Good Luck.


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    Jul 12, 2020

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