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Broken air
Fractured silence
You slipped out of my hand
I tried to hold on to you
But I lost my grip on my dream
And you vanished into morning

The sun rose that day
But in my mind
The dawn was grey in shadow
I tried to remember you
Remember you name
Remember your face

I felt like I lost everything
Woke up with nothing
Opened my my eyes
And I never saw anyone
Tried to picture your face
But my mind was empty

Then came longing
Longing to claim back last night
Longing to see you
Wanting so much to wake
Out of reality
And back into that sweet dream


  • One of my faves so far 😊

    Jul 12, 2020

  • 👏

    Jul 12, 2020

  • Jul 12, 2020

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