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Secret you probably already know and do... E=MC3 is Energy=Materialistic Creation by the power of 3 will create the energy force into mass. (Einstein taught me that) kind of the the Father, Son, Holy Ghost or Earth, Sun, Moon work together to balance earth energy flow. So in reality you don't have to get people to donate "Have No Fear & Believe like a Mustard Seed" because in reality we are all free flowing energy and if you focus on what your heart desires it shall materialize for thee. I'm a medium, witch, messiah (I know bible secrets) oracle, shaman, and my spirit is older than earth. If your father is meant to win he will if not he won't but no matter what happens it was meant to be.  Body, Mind, Soul,  Water, Air, Earth, do you see what the TRUE HOLY TRINITY IS? You!! So take care of your temple which is your Body, Mind and Soul by learning to follow your natural given instincts and listen to your heart it will never lead you astray like man. Blessed Be


  • Jul 12, 2020

  • Tammy Carr

    Tammy Carr

    if you think I care about ratings your wrong I'm just spreading my truth

    Jul 12, 2020

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