You Will Remember Read Count : 49

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You will remember the words I said to you, 
The words I wrote to you,
 The songs I sang to you,
 I rented dreams for you. 

 You will remember how I hugged you tenderly,
 The voice with which I called you, " my baby", 
You will remember
 When I will stop remembering.  

You will remember the nights 
When I could not sleep, 
The tears that I cried many times,
 You will remember anything about.  

You will remember the love I gave you, 
The flowers I sent for you, 
You will remember 
How much I cared.

You will remember the way I looked at you,
 The way I talked to you,
 How much I loved you.  

You will remember as I remembered 
And you will not be able to do anything 
Because I will no longer be there for you.
Because I will be there for myself. 


  • Jul 12, 2020

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