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I remember sitting for hours
Staring at the floor
Watching the shadows
Stretch and lengthen

My thoughts were just as ponderous
Just as slow
A barely perceptible movement
Trying to connect the pieces

My hopes and dreams
Didn't match my reality
And nothing I expected
Happened as I had thought

Everything has a course 
A moving journey to make
Each moment is marked
And waiting

And now years later
I find myself wondering
All over again
Who i am and

Where do I fit in
Imagining a place for me
And image of something
Watching and waiting

But my thoughts are slow
Crossing the floor
Like the shadows
Of my memory

I know my time will come
One day I'll look back
And wonder again
How I've come so far

Wonder how and why
I labored so much
And tripped so hard
Getting to that place

It only makes my moments now
Seem so slow
Knowing I can do
And be so much more

But I do know one thing
I am here

And for that
I will life up a smile
And be grateful


  • Jul 11, 2020

  • Jul 12, 2020

  • really liked it, good work Carl 😊

    Jul 12, 2020

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