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I use to manage a RV park down in Lake County and therefore gained knowledge in how parks are ran, landlord/tenant rights, read electric meters, and remove tenants who didn't follow their contracts they signed when moving in. My family and I actually used these contracts and broken rules within them they agreed to, to kick out those causing problems within our park. By doing this, then working on fixing up the park, the owner was able to get the price he wanted for it when he sold it. Now I'm a homeowner living in a small Mobile home park and I watch as many break the rules while the managers/owner is gone. We get new manager's a lot and they perform lot checks, well I'm watching those I complained about yards being a fire hazard scramble to clean their yards. But they ONLY do it when they get this notice. They do keep up the front yards the landlord can see, but it's their backyards is where they hide their trash. These people who are scrambling to clean up around their homes before the lot check are also those who break all the rules in the park and commit crimes like selling pills, drugs, etc... I may not have the nicest looking house on the block but I do my best to keep it up and fix things around the outside when I can by saving money for it. I'm on SSI so is my son, I bought this home for him because I was told I didn't have long to live, so I let him pick what town and this home. He follows all the rules too. This proves not ALL POOR are IRRESPONSIBLE!


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