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The only thing on Hannah's mind was the coffee lady, her black wavy hair with a Latin smile had tightened its leash on her taughts. Over and over she replayed their brief moment that had brought them together. The smile she had given her and that beautiful designs she created upon her coffees 'just for you' coffee girl had said soltfly repeatedly over and over.  Her mind raced in the clouds with possibilities as she made her way home. With in a second she had built a life with this woman and had successfully integrated herself into her life. 

But doubt began to pick away ' Your foolng yourself, you know that. She probably doesn't even know you exist'  was doubt right?

But the want and the doubt grew hand in hand. The more Hannah lusted over her,  the more the doubt grew. She longed for just one moment with this girl and even if it was for only for a second.

Before work that next morning, Hannah stopped for a coffee, hoping to get even one glimpse of Coffee girl. To her dismay Coffee girl wasn't there and the need for a coffee vanished. She retreated out of the coffee shop defeated, lost and confused on her next move she continued to work with an emptiness inside.

The hours dragged with every moment of taught going towards Coffee girl. Hannah craved for that one moment. On the way home she made sure to get off at the bus stop near to the coffee shop hoping for that second chance. Panic was still there and in hope of putting her mind at ease, a bargain was made that if coffee girl wasn't working it would be see as a sign that it wasn't ment to be. She crossed her fingers hoping for fate to shine upon her.

Jumping off the bus Hannah nearly took an old couple to the ground as she made a dash towards a possible future love. Stopping outside the window to the coffee shop, she smiled with the sight of coffee girl. Entranced by the beauty she entered the shop never taking her eyes Coffee girl who was taking orders while on the till. Getting in line her hands trembled, panic was taking over as taughts of possible disasters played in her mind. 

No sooner than reaching  the till, did Coffee girl look at Hannah and say "One second please" in a half arsed tone and blank look towards her. An older man replaced Coffee girl at the till and Hannah couldn't help but over hear Coffee girl whisper "Think I've had enough of having to smile and be nice all day,"

Hannah's heart broke and as an emptiness  engulfed her, Coffee girl hadn't even given her a glance and barely acknowledge her presents. The older man noticed her trimbling  and patiently waited on her order. 

Ordering her Carmel Latta, she struggled to contain that panic. After ordering she moved up to the serving counter, a feeling of embarrassment suddenly gripped her tight. How could she think a girl like that would have feelings for her, Ashamed of herself, she stood there as Coffee girl vanished into the back storeroom all the while showing no interest towards Hannah.

From the serves counter a voice called out the name Hannah and placed a coffee on to the counter with her name on it. Hoping to calm her nerves, she reached out her trimbling hand for the coffee and took a sip. 

"Sorry," In a trembling voice Hannah called out to the server "This coffee has peppermint, I wanted a.."

"Think that's mine," A voice said from behind her. That same voice reached out and pressed her lips were Hannah had taking a sip from the cup. "Don't know which is sweater, the peppermint or your lips," 

With that the strawberry blonde girl still holding the peppermint coffee took hold of the next coffee which Hannah could only presume was hers towards a table in the corner. 

Hannah's self loading had vanished and just before it regained hold the older man that had been at the till was leaning over the serving counter whispering.

" Don't just stand there, you got this,"

" I have got this," Hannah reply. With a smile she turn to face the strawberry blonde and made eye contact. With pure harmony and sink, she made towards the girl.

" I'm Hannah, mind if I join you."


  • Jul 11, 2020

  • Jul 11, 2020

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