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                   Like I had told you several thousand times, that I to I am human which means that yes I will make a few thousand mistakes if not more in my life, and yes I to have feelings just like you and everyone else in the world, so with that being said, then I can continue to say what is on my lonely mind this early July morning. I have been brushing it off like I haven't seen you on those online dating sites messaging some random woman all around the globe, but I get it I guess in a sense I deserve it for cheating on you, while you were defenseless as well as locked up in jail, which like I've tried saying before that I'm here trying to mend things with our relationship as well as our marriage which often times I think I'm just kidding myself, only because of all the bullshit that I have done to you in our four years of being together as well as being married for one of those years. I too have feelings for I am only human just like everyone else which means just like everyone else I too will make thousands and thousands of mistakes if not more in my life time just like anyone else here on Earth.

                        Written By: Donna Ruttenbur


  • Jul 11, 2020

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    Jul 11, 2020

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