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Through the mist
The tragic, almost mindless mist
I wished for a kiss
Of another, with or without scars on their wrists
But through the smoke
I was drowning, and that’s when I awoke
My back was on the ocean floor
The air and the sunshine was above me, and I wanted more
I went through the drought before I rose on that white sanded beach
And the ones who ever truly loved and cared for me, were standing there
I rose in faith and in gratitude, so gracefully
That you would never have thought, “She used to be sinking down there”
Now that I am who I am
And now that I am being as independent as I can
And now that my need for somebody else is gone
I write soulful things, and soulful songs
Now, that I am as one within myself
It would be forgein to welcome in a lover as somebody else
I feel as though, nobody will ever treat me the way I deserve
And I feel as though, nobody will ever be good enough for me
Maybe they were waiting for me
To escape into the forest, away from the horizon, and far away from the sea
Where are you my love?
Because I feel as though
My standards are so high that you won’t ever be enough
So I’m learning to forgive, learn, and let go
I pray everyday
Because that’s just who I am, today
But why
Have I not reached, my guy?
I look to see if I can find him in the sky
But the sky isn’t mine
The moon and the stars are
So maybe
Something doesn’t want me
To know
When you’ll come
To my Leo
So I’m surrendering
And I’m learning
To be grateful
Living in grace, and breathing beautiful
I will never know about everybody else
But I know I found what I was looking for
I found a part of myself
Bathed in my own holy water
I’m a Goddess wrapper in garmet
So I went farther
Than anybody ever intended


  • Jul 11, 2020

  • wow that was alsome

    Jul 11, 2020

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