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You are like a maze
 In which I got lost, 
My skin breaks
 Under your mouth.

  You're like a triangle 
I can't get out of.
  It's so intensive, 
Everything I'm feeling now...

  I don't understand 
How you got under my tender flesh,
 And with your teeth you split
 Every piece of myself.

 So fast, but it will take so long for me to be,
To be like before. 
 I would like to lose myself in you, 
As you get lost in me,
 Tender but also aggressive.

  I don't want to be your crush,
 I want something real, 
Something I can achieve
 When I become untraceable.  

I want to get lost in you 
As you get lost in me, 
To be stuck for life, 
Stuck for life in me.


  • Jul 11, 2020

  • Jul 11, 2020

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