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I turned around at my younger sister making sure she was still with me. We had to leave we had to run we couldn't stay any longer.  We just had to keep running 'Olivia my legs hurt from running please can we stop... No Emma we can't stop now. You know we have to keep going if we don't they will find us and take us back there do you want that Emma?' I wish Emma would understand that our parents are not good people and if they find out that we left without saying anything to them it won't be pretty.... ' No but we been on the run for seventeen hours!!!!' God for a ten year old she can be so annoying.. 'Look Emma we haven't been on the run for that long. We been on the run for one hour four mintutes and sixty-five seconds...'  Come on Olivia just a few minutes I promise' I looked at Emma and just sigh. 'Fine Emma but just for one minute okay? Okay Olivia!' I pulled out my phone and text my close friend Faith and I told her we are on the run. ' Okay Emma time to run again Okay Olivia  After a little longer I can hear Emma panting behind me and walking slower every second. 'Emma come on hurry up Olivia can we please take one more break?' I sigh and turn to look at her  ' We have to keep going imagine what would happen if someone found us.' 'I understand that but don't you think we are far enough that we can stop and get water from a store by?' I think for a few minutes listening to her panting coming to a stop. finally she's breathing normally again.  ' Yeah okay  but only for a bottle of water.' She smiled and nodded but I know she will probably drag me somewhere  else later on. Her hand takes ahold of mine as we walk along the streets of whatever town we are at and looking for a store to get two bottle of water.  I notice a gas station not to far from us and pick up the pace a little bit wanting to hurry and continue running. A police car drives past us and stops at the red light ahead. My mind goes into panic mode.    


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