To My Fellow Animal Lovers Read Count : 37

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I love the thought of animal running in thier humble habitats
All including the birds and rats the moskitoes and bats 
The thought just warms my mind 
But o just don't have the Time 
Between school and Holliday to travel the world 
So I pu my love in humble words 
My heart brakes when one dies 
No mater how small I can't lie 
And time passes and they get less 
And I leaves me in a mess 
So please don't heart my fellow animals their like family 
I am not even that manly 
I love them and you 
And I just can't choose 
So help me to love them 
Care and hug them 
And remember its just us that are left to protect them 
So please be a good friend 

Love light wolf 


  • good poem need to edit few words mispelled.

    Jul 10, 2020

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