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He walks through the door at any time he wants and say any thing he wants.  And when I ask him why, all he says is, "you do what I say when I say so." Yeah, I can relate. My new guardian is just the same. I bet they would make a good couple. you thinks I'm right don't you yes of course they said as I watched them from the other table he looked at me and realized who I was in Gorky up and walked out the door they got up and followed me into the alley beside the coffee shop they would not stop even when I turned around they just kept on walking towards me so I turned and took off the jacket and asked why the hell are you following me for she stoped and asked me if I could give them advice on how to get rid of her boyfriend and he asked if he could get rid of his guardian I told her all she had to do was move in with him so that his guardian would have to move to the room on the other side they left and took my advice two months past they started dating and in a year they got married and had five children I walked by their house and asked how my advice was working after all these years and she looked at me and said "thank you for the most wonder full advice but can I ask how can I get my teenage son and daughter to get a long "I looked at her wanting to run from the fence and head down the road but I stood and told her to let them go on a camping trip with nothing but twelve gallons of water a sleeping bag a lighter cloth and a bag on kitchen utensil and food and watch them with security cameras you set up in the area where they can't see them ooh and tell them they have to work together to survive the month she smiled and walked away and she turned and said "I almost forgot after you left us in the alley beside the coffee shop a girl came looking for you she ask where you where going ."I looked and I smiled and said "if you see her again tell her I love her and if she loves me as much she can find me at our favourite place "two weeks pasted and she never showed on the Saturday I was packing my thing when a co ice behind me said "your leaving so soon and I only just got hear "I turned with a smile on my face and said "how long have you been following me "she laughed and answered "since the day you walked off the school compounds and left "and as soon as she touched me a light lighted up in my mind and all the things I had done where only the beginning and together she still trys to find a way to make me do what she wants when she wants but I guess love I more powerful than personal demands .

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  • edit after you write. I loved your story. I hope the guy realizes that control of another isn't love but possession & never ends up good. peace

    Jul 10, 2020

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