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(The episode opens with the sound of cars echoing, people were talking)

(Then with blurry vision sees his own flesh)

(The screen shows Jahziel eyes open wide in the middle of the street with cars passing by)

(Jahziel looks around in horror as a truck comes towards him, unable to move, the truck comes past; to Jahziel's surprise, the truck goes right through him)

Jahziel (looking at himself): What? (Feels his body) It went through me.

(Jahziel gets out of the road and lands on the sidewalk)

Jahziel (looking at his hands): Am I dead?

(Jahziel looks around, he notices nobody can see him, and some people even go through him)

Jahziel (coldly): I really am dead. Damn, I was just performing on the stage and my life got taken away from me, what did I do to deserve thi.

(As Jahziel is complaining, he notices a man who has long brown hair, wearing a white buttoned up shirt, blue jeans, holding a bunch of books crossing the road)

Jahziel: That fool is going to die, crossing the road like that.

(The man continues walking, then a car is coming towards the boy, Jahziel gasps and his eyes glow, this makes the man land by Jahziel)

(The man sees Jahziel's glowing eyes, then Jahziel's eyes turn back to normal)

The man (excited): You saved my life! Who are you?

Jahziel (gets up, starts to walk away): I'm nobody, bye.

The man (while following Jahziel): Wait!

Jahziel (looking at the man): Don't follow me. Just because I saved your life doesn't mean that I care about you or any living beings.

(Jahziel starts walking away again)

The man (confused): 'Living beings.

(Jahziel is walking through the town)

The man (guessed): Let me repay you, Mr. Ghost.

Jahziel (bitterly): Leave me be, I told you I didn't save you because I want to be your friend. So, why don't you go be with your friends and leave me alone, it's bad enough that I'm dead. I don't need to be reminded.

The man (guessed): I'm sorry, you have a name, it was rude of me to call you, Mr. Ghost (gets in front of Jahziel) I'm Andrew

Jahziel (flies past): My name is Jahziel and you are getting on my nerves.

Andrew (eyes widened): Jahziel.

Andrew (stands in front of Jahziel): You mean the musician: Jahziel, no way!

Jahziel: Oh, your a fan

Andrew: Yes, I would listen to your music everyday, was it true that you had a boyfriend?

Jahziel (smirks): Yup, he was my best friend, then he became my lover.

Andrew (as he wrote in his notebook): It was true.

Jahziel: Are you really writing this down?

Andrew (with a smile): Yup.

(Andrew gasp)

Andrew (with sparkly eyes and big smile): You want to come to my company?

Jahziel: I act bitter to you, yet you still invite me to your….company?

Andrew: Yup, Company, you might be able to tell by my looks and cheerful attitude, i'm 29 and I own my own company.

Jahziel: I refuse to believe…

(Andrew shows Jahziel his license.)

Jahziel: Okay, it's true

Andrew (touches Jahziel's hand): Please 

Jahziel (surprised) (thought): I can feel his hand, how?

Jahziel: Alright 

Andrew (with a smile): Yah! Let's go. (ran off)

Jahziel (thought) (as he is following Andrew):  Sheesh, he is fast, and kinda cute, when he runs.

(Andrew leads Jahziel to a building)

Jahziel (surprised): Whoa! You own this building?

Andrew: Yup! (opens the door) looks at Jahziel) Are you coming?

(Jahziel follows Andrew into the building)

(Inside the building they see elevators, posters, and a vending machine)

Andrew: My friends are going to freak out, when they see you.

Jahziel (sarcastically): Of course, I mean you don't meetta ghost every day.

Andrew (smiles): I know, right.

(Jahziel and Andrew enter the elevator)

(The screen shows a woman who has long blond hair, wearing a black dress and heels sewing, while drawing with her mouth. Her name is Patt)

(A woman who has short red hair, sunglasses on her hair, wearing a blue outfit is spinning around the room named Star, while camera is watching her)

(Jac, a 20-year-old man who has curly brown/blonde hair, wearing a black jacket, blue shirt, black pants and white shoes in a giant teddy bear's arms is playing a flute)

Star: I wonder where Andrew went.

Jac: (stops playing) He probably almost got into another accident because he wasn't looking where he was going with that stock pile of stuff he was bringing.

(Andrew jumps out of the elevator with Jahziel, then heads to the room where his friends are)

Andrew: You guys won't believe what happened today.

Patt (muffles): You almost got hit again.

Andrew: Yes, but guess who saved me.

Star: A movie star

(Andrew shakes his head)

Star: A dancer

(Andrew shakes his head)

Star: A musician 

(Andrew nods)

Andrew: Everybody, meet (brings Jahziel in the room) Jahziel

(Jac drops his flute)

(Star is frozen)

(Patt stops sewing)

Jac: But, your...dead.

Jahziel: Yeah, tell me something I don't know

Patt (touching Jahziel, but her hands go right through): Is this for real?

Jahziel: Yup, now you can stop doing that.

Patt (backs up): Sorry.

Jac: Andrew, I got to say out of all the surprises you bring, this one is the craziest.

Andrew: I know, but I wonder why you are a ghost, were you not happy with your old life?

Jahziel: Yes, I was, I had a boyfriend, selling many songs, but more importantly I had a boyfriend. (With red in his eyes) But, unfortunately I had my life stolen away from me.

(Glass starts breaking around them, and many objects flying all over the place)

Andrew: Jahziel, you have to calm down.

Jahziel: Why should I? I'll be stuck as a ghost and nobody I know knows this, so I can't move on 

(A knock comes)

A voice: Excuse me 

(The person that comes is Dominic, who has long hair, wearing a black jacket, red shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes)

Dominic: Jahziel?

Jahziel (turns around): Dominic

(Episode ends with Dominic and Jahziel looking shocked)



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