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A green car drives down a long stretch of road. The road hugs a mountain of dirt, which hosts a forest. At the left side of the road is a steep drop, which looks similar to the hill on the other side. The oak trees will sometimes go over the road, many times they formed a roof over the street, only to break like a tunnel. Where there was grass it was dead, but as he got closer to the hotel the grass became more common, and some were alive. Right before the large park lot came up, the grass was green. The street went right into the parking lot, which completely surrounded the hotel. The hotel was massive, it had six floors, and was bigger then a stadium.

James then parked, and got out of his car. As he walked to the front entrance the class doors slid open. "Hello." The manager said. "Sorry for the short notice, but this was all short notice for us." "It's alright." James replied. James had work at the hotel before, but was currently unemployed. "Well, as I'm sure they told you over the phone, their is a massive storm coming, and it's to dangerous for our clients. They've been evaluated to a sister location." The manager said. "Here's a list of the things you got to do, and I'll introduce you to the crew." He then handed a list to James. He, and this crew would have to spend a week here. The manager walked James into the room where the rest of the people were. There was six of them. "This is Jeff, Henry, Will, Able, Jack, and Eric." The manager said. "Everyone this is James." James then grabbed a walkie-talkie, and attached it too his belt. "I'm gonna leave now, you all have your lists." The manager said as he left the room. 

"Alright, now that everyone is here we can choose our room." Jeff said. His voice was loud, and stern, but I don't think he was trying to make it that way. "They shut off the power to the elevator so we have to use the janitor's elevator." Able said. He said it quickly, and with energy. We then walked the the downward staircase. The janitors had this underground tunnel, which contacted to the outside. "Wait, let me go lock the outside door." Henry said. "That's one of our chores." He then went a head of us, and locked it. Although the lights were on, it was still kinda dark. We then got into the elevator, taking it to the second floor. As soon as it opened a room was on the other side. "I call that room." Henry said. He walked to it. "Room 201 is mine." We then continued on without him. Able, Will, and Jeff continued on the left side. While me, Jack, and Eric continued on the right side. "You know what, I'm going pick a room on the third floor." I said. "Ok." Eric said. "Bye James." Jack said. "Bye." I replied. I then got into the elevator to pick my room. 

Able, Will, and Jeff walked down the hall. "This one mine." Able said. "185 is mine." He then went inside. Will took room 179, and Jeff took 160. Eric took room 220, and Jack took room 240. James finally made it up to the third floor after waiting for the elevator to arrive. "Room 420." He chuckled to himself. It at the end of the hallway, farthest from the normal elevator, which is on the left side. It had white walls, and a white carpet. The wall paper was stripped, it was all white, but different shades of white. There was a king size bed, but a small bathroom next to the door. All the rooms were made like this. After Henry unpacked, and told everyone to meet in the lobby using the walkie-talkie. 

I called the elevator, but it was already in use, so it wouldn't come until it had made it's first stop. After that I got into the elevator, and into the janitor's tunnel. I turned off the lights behind me. The lights went off quickly, but you could see one turning off after the on behind it, it started at the switch, and ended at the exit. I then went into the lobby. 

"Alright, the first thing we got to do is cover up the spotlight, the maze lights are already turned off, along with the parking lot lights." Henry said. "Who's going out with me?" "I will." Jeff replied. "Good, now the rest of you, lock up every door, except the back one, that's the way we're coming back in." Henry said. "And make sure all the room light's are off, we don't got any guests." Henry, and Jeff went outside into the maze, as we all went around locking doors. 

They walked into the maze, they made one turn, then another. They then walked down a long grass hallway, made of bushes. A strong wind started to howl, making the bushes dance. They then made another turn, only to find a dead end. "I think we went on the wrong side." Jeff said. "Probably." Henry replied. They then turned around, and walked down the long path, then they made one turn, then the next, getting back to the entrance. They then went on the other side, they made one turn, but found that the other turn wasn't possible. Jeff pulled out the map. "I see, we were on the right side, but we are supposed to go to the next available turn." He said. They then did that, and found themselves in the middle. Jeff went to put the cover on. Henry saw something at the exit, but it was in the corner of his eye. He made a short turn to get a better view, but when he did he heard the bushes move, and the thing had escaped Henry's view. "I think someone maybe in hear with us." Henry told Jeff. "Anyone out their?" Jeff asked. There was no answer. They left the way they came, but on the way the wind picked up, so they couldn't hear if there was anymore movement. 

I had locked the front door, and was waiting at the back to lock it. There were a couple of side doors that needed to be locked, but the rest were doing that. They then walked in, and locked it behind them. "I locked the front door." I said. "Good, I need you to go around, and lock every window on the first floor, then pull up all the ladders." Jeff said. "Alright." I said. I checked every window, and they were all locked. I then went to each fire escape, pulled up the ladders, and locked them in place, the only way to get them unlocked was to unclick the hooks. As James re-enter the hotel, Henry had already convinced himself that he saw nothing. 

They all regather in the lobby. "Alright, the next chore is to check the inventory." Henry said. "As we do that, somebody should go downstairs, and cut off the water to the rooms." "I'll do that." Will said. "Alright, let's go." Henry said. With that they split up, Will went into the tunnel, while the rest went into the kitchen. As Will played with the plumbing, so only the bedrooms water shut off, the door knob turned. A homeless man was trying to get in, but Will couldn't hear it. The man left, and went to the front. He knocked for a minute, but no one was there to answer it. He then stopped trying, and walk into the maze. He knew the way, but he didn't go left like he was supposed too, he just roamed around. He remembered when his parents brought him here, how he had loved the maze, it had a nostalgic charm. He was met with a fork in the road, he went left, then he hear foot steps. He turned around, but no one was there. Then the foot steps seemed to be next to him, then ahead of him. He then made a turn to the right, a sharp pain flowed through his stomach, he had been stabbed. The man was dressed in a green jumpsuit. The homeless man fell over, as the killer pulled out the knife. As the killer dragged the body it began to drizzle. 

We then regathered in the lobby. "Alright, the rest is just maintenance, if anything breaks we have to fix it, and we have to keep an eye on the road." Henry said. It then stopped drizzling, and started raining. The wind howled louder then before, you could hear it crash into the hotel. "Well I'm gonna make a sandwich anyone want anything?" Able said. "Can I have a turkey sandwich?" I asked. "Sure." He replied. While before his voice was quickly, and energetic, this time it was slow, and calm. "Let me get a tomato sandwich." Jeff said. "I'll have that, too." Jack said. "I'll have a turkey sandwich, too." Henry said. "I'm just gonna make myself a burger." Eric said as he walked to the kitchen. "Can I have a stew?" Will asked. "Mama mia, coming right up." He said. He said the being in a Italian accent, but stop, and said the rest awkwardly. He then went to the kitchen to cook it up. 

Eric returned a moment later with a microwave burger. He then began to eat alone, but after Eric took three bites Able came out with the sandwiches. We all sat at the same round table with our sandwiches. "So James, what did you do here?" Will asked. "I was a janitor here." I replied. "I'm a janitor too." Eric said. "I'm that head night guard." Jeff said. "And I'm another night guard." Jack said. "I'm the plumber." Will said. "As you could probably tell, I'm the cook." Able calmly said. It seemed like he couldn't control the pace in his voice. "Well if we're all sharing our jobs here, I'm the planner, I help the manager." Henry said. "Well what made you come out here?" Will asked. "I'm saving up for a house." Henry said. "I got nobody waiting at home. Except my shows." I said. "Well I think that's a given you wouldn't be here for a week if you had a wife kids and family of cats." Able awkwardly joked. Nobody laughed, which caused him to tilt his head down. I then took another bite into my sandwich. You could hear the wind pushing in the walls, it howled so loud that if someone was walking around just upstairs it would be muffled. It rain hard out, sounding like a flood. Eric finished his burger, Henry not being far behind. "I have a girlfriend." Henry blurted out. It was great to have some finally talk. "We don't live together, don't want to strain the relationship, but once we can afford the mortgage we can start our lives." "Well that's good." Will said. There was then a loud metallic bang outside, breaking the sounds of the storm. "I think that was the ladder." Henry said. "Jack, can you go check it out?" Jeff asked. "Sure thing boss." Jack replied. He then excused himself. He grabbed a flash light, and umbrella. He unlocked the back door, but locked it up as soon as he got out. The water was over his shoes. He walked through the flood to the ladder. The ladder was touched the floor, but he didn't know someone had pulled it up, he thought he was just checking to see if it fell over. It was to dark to see of anyone was on the fire escape. Jack the scurried back inside, making sure the door stayed locked. 

"Well it wasn't the ladder." Jack said. "Probably just a trash bin falling over." "That wouldn't be as loud." Jeff said. "Well I know there were car parts in them, maybe that's why it was so loud." Jack said. Jeff thought for a moment. "Yeah your probably right." He then said. "Well, I'm hitting the hey." Henry said. He then got up, and made his way out. 

Me, and Jeff were in the game room. "Want to play bing bong?" I asked. "Sure." He replied. I then went to the opposite side of him. I clenched the little racket. He then slapped the ball, it bounced off the table, but when I hit it, it flew away. "Don't worry, it's your first time." He said. He then reached under an arcade game, and managed to grab it. This time I slapped the ball, it bounced off the table, Jeff hit it, it bounced back to me, but I failed to hit it. "Strike two." I said sadly. He then slapped it. It bounced off the table, and again, I failed to hit it. "Strike three, I'm done." I said. We then moved over to the table hockey. "Finally, a game I can win." I lost. "Well, I'm retiring before I further humanity myself." I said. I then left, but as I left I walked down the hall I could hear an arcade game's music playing. I then took the elevator up to the third floor, and went to bed. The sheets were kinda uncomfortable in a weird way, but I managed to fall asleep. 

As they went to sleep, the rain, and wind continued. Washing all the blood from the murder. The murderer walked away from the hotel, and into the forest. He had attempted to get in through the fire escape, but it was locked, he had tried every way in, but nothing worked. The security cameras were unable to see him in the darkness, and the storm made sure no one could hear him trying to get in. His green suit had a massive blood stain on his chest, and it was soaked. His foot long knife was drenched in the homeless man's blood.

I slowly woke up from my slumber, the rain had turned into a soft drizzle, and the wind had stopped. I was awake, but I stayed in bed, with my eyes closed. After nearly half an hour, I got up, and got dressed. I got into a grey hoodie, and blue jeans. I walked out of my room, and decided to take the stairs. I went to the left end of the hall, and turned. I passed three other hallways before making it to the staircase. I walked down the stairs, and into the dining room. Most of the round tables were empty, everyone was sitting at one table, but Eric, it seemed like there wasn't enough room for him. "What will it be mistor?" Able said in a French accent. "French Toast." I replied without energy. "Hey, you got it." Able said with confidence. It was a little off putting to hear Able speaking with confidence. I sat down at Eric's table, neither of us said anything, it felt very awkward. Ten minutes after he went into the kitchen, Able returned with my French Toast. 

After we had finished eating we gathered in the lobby. "Alright, the first thing is to check if the security cameras work." Henry said. "Jack  an you do that?" "Sure can." He replied. "Good. Now, we got to make sure the outside lights work. While you guys do that, me, and some else have to drive down the road to see if there are any trees blocking our path." "I'll go with you." Jeff said. "Good." Henry said. "Let's move. While we're gone ho into the maze, and make sure all the lights in there work." We all split up, Jack going alone, while the rest of us went outside. When we got outside Jeff, and Henry walked into the car, while we walked to the maze. 

The large lights in the parking lot are on. You can see puddles, and it's clear the parking lot is very wet. We all walk very slowly, our feet basically hugging the cement. Although I was beginning really careful, I begin to slip, but luckily I regained my balance. As soon as we get into the maze it became easy to walk, the grass was very wet, but it was slippery. At the entrance we split into two groups. Will, and Able went left, while me, and Eric went right. At the first turn we had also split up, each moving on our own. The wind made the branches dance as we walked. So far all the lights were on, but as I walked into another section, so walked passed me, and we almost rammed into each other. It was Will, he had some how ended up on the opposite side of the maze. "What are you doing on this side?" I asked. "What are you doing on this side?" He asked. "You're on our side of the maze." I look around, trying to find any land marks, but there were none, just the bush walls forming hallways. "No, I'm on my side, you're not." I replied. "Follow me." He said. He then turned around, not knowing what to do I follow him. He had brought me to the middle. "Sorry, I geuss I was on your side." I said. As I turned around I heard running behind me, I turned back, but saw nothing, except Will looking around too. "Able, is that you running?" Will quickly asked. A moment later he showed a reaction, it look like his heart dropped into his stomach. "We got to get out!" He said. He then ran away, I quickly followed him. Eric didn't know what was going on, he could just hear them all running. Something then ran passed the exit of his hallway. Eric quickly walked backwards away from whatever it was. He could hear the bushes near the exit moving, but he couldn't see anything. Eric then ran out the way he came in. 

"Well, the cameras don't work." Jack said. "Alright, ask Will if he can fix it." Jeff said. They then came across a big tree blocking the road. "I'll talk to you later." Jeff said. It had stopped rain when they entered the maze, bit because of all the stuff they were doing no noticed it. "Well the exit is blocked." Jeff said. "Well the nearest town is only two hours away, on foot, so as long as we don't have any emergencies during the storm, we should be ok." Henry said.

Jack got up from his chair, and walked to the elevator. He was on the fourth floor, and the security room was right across the elevator. The elevator came within a minute, and went back down within half of that. The tunnel's lights were off, so he walked to the entrance in the dark. Jack walked into the lobby, everyone expect Jeff, and Henry were there, they didn't notice him, they were all looking out the window. Jack approached quietly. "Hey Will." He said. Everyone screamed, and turned around. He starred blank for a second. "Will I need you to fix the security cameras." He said ignoring what just happened. "That's a good idea." Will quickly said while running to the elevator. 

A moment later Jeff, and Henry returned. "Well, a tree is blocking our exit, but town isn't to far away on foot." Jeff said. "Did you tell the manager?" I asked. "let me text him." Jeff said. He then pulled out his phone. "A tree has fallen in the road." He texted. "Alright, I told him." He said. A couple moments pasted, but we finally got a response nearly an hour later. "When this storm is over, he'll have someone clean it up." Jeff read aloud. The sun set, and it began to drizzle. Henry was asleep, Will was in the security office trying to fix the system, and everyone else were downstairs. "Hey the spotlight is on." I said. They then gathered around the window. "Jack, go turn it off." Jeff commanded. "Yes boss." He replied. He then flipped the switch, turning on all the lights, and went outside. 

Jack then entered the maze. Lucky the maze lights worked. He went left, the turned at the first turn. He walked down the long path, only to see the dead end. The wind got louder, and the rain got heavier. When Jack turned around he came face to face with the killer. The killer was running at him, right next to him. He stabbed Jack in the stomach. Jack scream was muffled by the storm. He pulled the knife out, and grabbed Jack's keys. He stabbed Jack in the shoulder, pushing his to the wall. After that he left him to die.

Will had gotten the cameras working. "Hey guys, the cameras are fixed." He said in the walkie-talkie. He then walked out of the room, and pressed the elevator button. He waited for elevator to come. The door slowly opened, and the killer was inside. He wasn't in the green suit, he had a red shirt, and black ski mask. He grabbed Will, dragging him in, he then repeatedly stabbed him. The elevator door closed as he was doing this.

"Do you think Jack got lost?" I asked. "We gave him a map." Jeff said. "But... it's dark, and he hasn't come back." I replied. "Plus the spotlight is still on." "It's just taking him a bit more time." Eric replied. "The lights are on, he has a map, he should be fine." Suddenly the spotlight turned off. "He found it." Jeff said. In reality, the spotlight wasn't turned off, a bush had fallen, which knocked it over.

Henry was laying away, thinking of his mortality, his face wet from crying. He heard his door open. He quickly wiped his face. Then the door closed. He sat up, but no one was there, and the door was open. He got up, and shut it, then his throat was slit. There was a strike of lightning, then his body fell to the floor. The killer then left, shutting the door behind him.

I went into the tunnel, and pressed the elevator button. I wanted to see Will. When the doors open I saw Will's bloody corpse. He was slumped over, he had been stabbed many times in the stomach. The blood on him was dry, but the blood on the floor was wet. I then threw up, I couldn't stop my. The smell was terrible. Will had never smelt like a flower, but this was terrible. I threw up again. I then hear the door close, and if went up. After a second it started coming down again. I ran away. "Their a muderer in here!" I yelled in the walkie-talkie. I felt something grab my hair, and pull me back. I felt the knife slowly slit my throat.

They were in the lobby; however they didn't truly process it. "This must be a prank." Eric said. "Nah, he sounded really serious!" Jeff said. They couldn't hear the killer slowly walking to the lobby. "I'm gonna get a gun." Eric said, running from the group. Unfortunately the killer heard that.

Eric ran down the hall, he then found the gun vault. He grabbed the key from the wall, and opened it. Eric grabs a pistol. As Eric was loading the gun, the killer grabbed the arm that held the gun, pushed high against the wall, and repeatedly stabbed him in the stomach. Eric screamed the whole time, but was barely heard. After Eric was dead the killer grabbed the gun, and loaded it. He then left the sence. 

The parking lot was wet, the water started to build up. When they heard Eric's screams they ran out. Jeff pulled out his keys, turned around, and locked the door. It took him so long that when he had finished he was face to face with the killer, the only thing separating them was the glass door. This grown man, who has seen drunks, stabbings, shootings, and lead the crew, was now shaking in his boots. The killer's gaze was unbreaking, his clothes were stained in blood, his eyes showed a sign of pity. As this was happening Able was running from car to car, when he turned one on, smoke came from the hood. "W-Why did you do this?!" Jeff asked. The killer didn't speak for a moment. "You're lonely... you want to die, you will die, all of you. I'm just doing you all a favor." He said. It sounded dead, but at the same time you could pick up some pity. "That's why you're here, you have nothing to return too." It terrified Jeff, not just how dead he sounded, but how right he was. There was a wish for death, but also a fear of what's on the other side. "I don't want to die." Jeff whimpered. "Yes, you do." He replied. "Or you would have ran by now." Without thinking for a second Jeff ran, Able followed him. They ran down the road, but the killer ran at there pace.

Finally they made it to the fallen tree. They decided to run on the downward hill. It was slippery, muddy, the had to push on trees to keep there position. "I'm slipping!" Able yelled. Jeff grabbed his hand. There was no tree for able, but Jeff kept balance using a tree. Then Jeff saw the killer running to him. He got closer until Jeff punched him in the face. This knocked the killer out, sending him rolling down to the creek. This had caused Jeff to lose his balance, and let go off Able. Jeff hugged a tree, and Able clawed the dirt. By clawing, and pushing back the dirt, they managed to get back to the road, and walk back to civilization. The storm had slowed there death march, but they managed to make it to town.

After the flood ended the cops investigated. They didn't find the murderer body in the creek, and when they made it to the hotel they found it nearly bruned down. The dead bodies were covered in charcoal, and it was to dangerous to go poking around. Able, and Jeff were the main suspects, since they didn't have a scratch on them. A gun, and knife was missing, so the police thought the killer was just a escape goat. Then they found a man living in a hut in the woods. He had the gun, knife, and the extra knife, his clothes were stained in blood, and he had the bloody green suit. There was just one problem, he had hung himself.


  • Jul 16, 2020

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