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I dreamed a dream, 
gloomy as the falling sun. 
Accompanied by the sadness of my face,
this is a nightmare I can not run. 

In that dream I dreamed a park, 
with the girl I love sitting on a bench shaped like a heart. 
In that bench we made a mark,
a sign of our love that will never get dark. 

In that dream I dreamed a car,
headed to a place knowing it's far. 
In that car I was holding a maidens hand, 
assuming our love will never end. 

In that dream I dreamed of falling, 
at the bottom of the cliff death is calling. 
Blood kept flowing while holding the maidens hand, 
without hesitation she let go and faced the end. 

In that dream I dreamed a grave, 
reminiscing the memories that she gave. 
I'll never forget the last words she said, 
"Be happy even if I'm dead".

In that dream I dreamed a bed, 
sitting in the dark with a letter in my hand. 
It was from the maiden I used to love, 
even though she already went above. 

In that dream I dreamed a letter, 
saying "when things go wrong never sober, 
my love for you will be forever, 
always be happy, challenge is a teacher."

In that dream I saw the sun, 
it's a new day to start again and have fun. 
One day when the time came for me to depart,
the maiden and I will never be apart. 


  • Jul 10, 2020

  • I like it

    Jul 10, 2020

  • Dirii Baebyy

    Dirii Baebyy

    teach me about poems

    Aug 03, 2020

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