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I am in love with you.  
Others say I only love a ghost,
 That sometimes haunts my deserted body, 
But I know your favorite place is in my chest.  

I am in love with you more
 Than you love yourself
 And all the sunrises I want,
 To hold your breathing. 

 I'm in love with you even without talking,
 I know you're here waiting for me
 To come back to you,
Come back to me.

  I am in love with you
 Before I find out your name,
 I waited here to return
 To the same place together. 
 I'm in love with you again. 

 I love you is what goes through my head, 
I love you more than the sun 
Can love the blue sky
 When comes the moon.

  I love you is an old song 
That you listen to every day
 When my heart plays it. 
 I love you and your love is my favorite place.


  • Jul 10, 2020

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    Jul 10, 2020

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