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I touch my upper lip with my finger
 To erase the trace of your kiss
 From my memories.  

I wonder why I would love again 
If I can't forget anything about you?

  I look at the pictures with us,
 We were both happy in the past.
 Now ... I don't know if you're still happy, 
Hand in hand with another person.

  I touch our old pictures, 
I feel your soft flavor on my shoulders.
You smile there, I cry here, stuck between 
The distances that burns inside me.

  I wonder if I will ever feel a shiver again,
 If all I feel now is the ashes
 Shaking over my old me. 

 I touch my eyes because through them
 I see how you look at me, 
As if everything has remained unchanged,
 Even if I am old now.


  • Jul 10, 2020

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