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I can remember watching as if it was that movie Sarah, but instead of the desert, they was shrunk down and injected within me. It was kind of cool, watching them go through my blood stream as if it was a river, exploring the many organs within my body. Next I'm being used as a nurse aide for kittens in need. Omg! I suddenly awake from these weird dreams, unable to breath. I desperately tear at the plastic on my windows, desperately trying to breath what little air I could. I start to freak out cause I can't breath and my son asked me if he wanted me to call 911. I said yes. I didn't know what was wrong with me, they show up, but cause I'm freaking out, they keep their distance and call for the cops to help. I'm going in and out of consciousness, I'm scared, so scared. The cop shows up, ask me to put a robe on cause I'm naked. Why I don't know, but I am. He handcuffs me, says he has to even though I'm not under arrest, and then puts me in the back of his car, then returns to talk to my son and ambulance workers. We are suppose to go to the ER cause my son had accidentally overdosed me on my sleeping meds. I come in and out of consciousness and on one occasion, noticed we was going the wrong way. The cop tells me he is taking the back way to the hospital, so I trust him and go out again.
Suddenly I'm awaken by correctional officer's pulling me from the back of the car to my feet, demanding I stand. I tell them I can't and out I went again. I'm awaken again when I am tazed by the C.O.'s. I am on the ground being hogged tied by the correctional officers knowing full well I had a hip replacement. I ask "Why" they say "We have to, be still" then stomp on both my shoulders before tazing me again. Out I go for the last time and that is when they threw me in the suicide watch cell and sat back watching me as I went through some horrible stuff, I would rather not talk about. I only remember because I watched from above with two Angels and some guy who'd been murdered by the C.O.'s for screaming as I was doing. His teeth impressions are still in that window sill to this day. I told him, I don't care, let em come in, I'll kill them. I came to three days later, with ummm... With ummm... SHIT COVERING ME!! It was even impacted within them teeth they broke when they stomped on my shoulders. I also couldn't walk and had to use the wall to walk and push my hip partially back in place. I screamed for hours on end, demanding a shower, and my phone call, they got mad at me and made fun of me through the windows. Sooo... I grabbed up a hanful of my own shit and smeared it on the windows so they couldn't make fun of me no more. To pay me back, they turned the air down in the cell so I couldn't breath. I had to put my face near the bottom of the door to breath fresh air. Hours later a nice commander of the Lake County jail answered my cries and got me a shower, my cell cleaned, the air turned back up, and my phone call. On my way out of the cell to the shower, they had 6 guards with shields to escort me, I turned around, looked at them, and felt my new demon within smirk at them. On the way out the C.O.'s made up a false charge and I looked at her and said I'll beat this and I did. This was a life lesson and it is where I picked up my demon and started doing some horrible things which led me to get help and go to the light. I am capable of murder, that scares me, so yes I do whatever it takes to keep my demon at bay and follow the light. This drove me to the point of no return and because of this experience now I am dying because I was found unworthy of being saved.


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    Jul 09, 2020

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