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I’m always at home 

inside my bedroom,

doing things on my own time 

I’ve been waiting get to see you 

by video chatting with you, 

our conversation cut short 

you have tell the reason why 

haven’t given me the real truth. 

Why are you lying to me? 

You cover it up not let me know 

be straight forward to me 

“ when you talk about the incident 

it’s make me feel like I want to take a break 

from talking to you”, 

all I want to hear from you, 

I have wait for you throughout 

the whole day until it’s nighttime,

get to see you in front of the screen 

of your phone, you’re saying it to me

I’ve waste my time waiting for you. 

Can you just tell me the truth? 

I still love you very much 

there something you do, 

it’s get under my skin 

that I can’t stand it 

hard for me not to ignore it, 

I’ll feel good if you tell me

the honest truth without cover it up. 

How could you not tell me? 

I’m disappointed what you’ve said to me 

I was expected talk to you some more, 

we used to talk throughout the night 

I want to do that with you 

know we have life to lived, 

have a long conversation 

with you at night it’s make me 

feel happy. 

Why can we talk some more? 

When you cut our conversation

short make my happy face fade away, 

into the clouds 

you’re poured down rain over me 

I’m shivering in the cold, 

my heart froze like ice 

if you say of course we can 

have a long conversation, while

video chatting throughout the night”, 

my heart melt like snow 

I expect that words come from you, 

I guess that never going to happen 

have wait for you and you’ve said this to me. 


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