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Usually, we men are being conditioned to be predatory by pornography and masculine domination ideas. Meditation and sex can bring the balance of energy and the holiness of our psyche. Spiritual sex is known as Tantric intimacy.

How old religious ideologies of the Elites had demonized sex and promotes sexual suppression is considered psychological warfare to the human civilization? We as Spiritual beings must experience it on ourselves the unity of male and masculine energy. The damage that this sexual demoralization had done to the psyche inflicts inner wounds to our souls. The expression is the best freedom that we can have in this experienced reality. We men have innate conquering energy such as testosterone which can make us more aggressive. Imagine if this sexual energy is suppressed and teased it can be too much explosion. 

Sex is the energy of creation and to be fully one with it on our mind will harmonize the universe. The soul when in tune will actualize the higher self. The world is energy as we know and with it on our mind the polarity shapes reality. The masculine is the will and the feminine can promote desires. For a man to not be taken as an object on the wave it must be fully expressed and caressed.

Tantric sex is the sexual intimacy between man and woman and also an inner touch towards inner divinity. A practice originated from Hinduism and Buddhism for the purpose of self Union. This inner copulation practice with one's love partner or with just our own selves can elevate our consciousness.


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