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After yesterday you will still be here
After tomorrow I can't be sure
But every yesterday means so much
Your life was like a wondrous book I read
Your love hit me like a lightning strike
I still wondered how I could please you
What I had to do to keep you
Seems we both needed each other just the same
Every day was sweet peaceful and joyfull
Every night was tender beautiful and furfilling
You gave me more than I ever wanted
You gave me you and you was my love
Love was more than a feeling or desire
Love was holding you close
Love was staring into your eyes
Love was waking up together
Once upon a time all I needed was me
Until you came along with your charms
Thought I knew what love was or how love feels
Until you came along to be a part of my life
My life was one long string of love affairs
One lover after another
Never caring if a relationship would last
For as a lover walked out my door
I would simply open another door to let another love in my life
But you came along and put an end to all that
For you thought me to care
Care for you, me, us
To care and look after the love we shared
To care and value our lives
You changed me for the better
For I no longer drift from one lover to another
We love and live for each other
Share a home together
Share vows and promises
Every yesterday you're still going to be here
Just don't know what tomorrow will bring
Just grateful life dealt me a good life
For my life is better with you
Wish all these times would last forever
I pray each night
You are going to be alright
And that we stay together.


  • poem wrote about yesterday's, yesterday's I treasure 😄

    Jul 09, 2020

  • Jul 09, 2020

  • Jul 09, 2020

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