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We give up the distance
 That keeps us in the same place. 
 We give up the opinions of others 
Who only hurt our hearts.

  We give up our fears and remain naked, 
Without secrets to hide from the past, 
One in front of the other, sincere.  

We give up old mistakes,
 Even if we make new ones, 
The truth will be the mirror of our souls.  

We give up desires
 To turn them into achievements.
Without caring about the past, 
We spend time loving each other more.  

We give up sentences that cannot be completed,
 We give up words that frighten us, 
We give up everything to stay together, 
I know it will not be easy,
 But also not impossible. 

 We give up our old wounds
 To start a new life, 
Between four walls that cover us.


  • Jul 09, 2020

  • well said

    Jul 09, 2020

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