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How long does it take 
To achieve what you feel? 
 How many tears must fall 
While the wait is too long?  

How many lives do I have to wait
 Until you show up and grab 
My hand into your wonderful hair?  

How many more lips do you have to kiss
 Until you catch my lips in your mouth?
  How many promises do you make 
For those who do not belong to yourself? 

 How many times will you say 
That you are unhappy, 
Looking at your life 
And comparing it to other people.  

How many glasses of wine
 Do I have to drink 
To get to the glass
 I'm going to drink with you? 

 How many lonely nights to let go, 
Until you sleep here, 
Close to my chest, 
Every cold evening. 

 I still have time
 To do things right,
 And not let lives pass 
Until you will come back?


  • Jul 09, 2020

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