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Nothing is worse than sitting in the Emergency Room!  This afternoon, after a visit to the Chiropractor, the right side of my face, my nose, and my ear got tingly, like when your foot falls asleep. My foot and leg were already tingly, with what I thought was sciatica, hence the visit to the Chiropractor.  I immediately got nervous, and asked my son-in-law to drop me off at the ER to be checked.

I checked in, with my mask on, and was asked what was going on.  I told them I had a TIA (trans ischemic attack) in 2016, and I was concerned about my numb nose, cheek, and ear, fearing I may be having another TIA , or worse, a full on stroke.  They quickly checked my blood pressure, and then sent me to the waiting room, to wait.  Hurry, and wait, hurry, and wait.

Five hours later, I'm still waiting!  Granted, I'm back in a room waiting, but I'm waiting nonetheless.  I waited in the ER waiting room for probably an hour, then was wheeled via wheelchair back to a room.

The young cocky doctor without a name, gave me a cursory exam, and deemed me okay to go home. He basically blew me off.  I reminded him that I had these identical symptoms in 2016, when I had the first TIA. He asked if I understand the directions. Of course, I understood.  He wasn't concerned, and told me if the numbness gets worse, I could come back.  

The doctor left the room, and disappeared.  I continued to wait for someone to come with papers for me to sign, confirming what I already understood.    Thirty, maybe fourty-five minutes, maybe even fifty minutes later, he returned to tell me he changed his mind. He said he looked at my previous two scans, and thought maybe he should do a CT scan without and with contrast.  He left the room, and yes, you guessed it, I was left to wait.  

The nurse came in, put an IV port in my arm, and left me to, you guessed it, wait.

Six thirty-nine, I was finally taken back for the scan.  The procedure was quick, done in maybe ten minutes.  I was rolled back to "my" room, and told it would be 30 to 40 minutes before the results would be ready.  Waiting rather impatiently!

At six minutes to eight, I'm still sitting here alone, with my pink covid19 prophylactic mask on that nicely matches my pink nails, and yup, you guessed it, I'm still waiting!  Sigh!

There's that old adage, "Good things come to those who wait."  Yes, it's after 9, and I'm still waiting!!


  • sorry to hear whats happening but yeah hospitals tend to do that to everyone, make em wait

    Jul 09, 2020

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