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Like a flower that wants to bloom, 
I open up more, I open up baby to you. 
 Like a thief seeking refuge, 
I take refuge dear, I take refuge in you.  

Like a shadow that hides from the sun's rays, 
I hide in you, I hide in you again.

  That's how you change the cold into warmth,
Hate into love, 
And I start to feel loved by your heart.  

And that's how you make me feel better, 
Because you show up when I feel sad.
 And you set my heart on fire, 
You set my heart on fire with your love.  

You make me love you again, 
You make me love you more.  
You make me miss you every time
 I don't feel your kiss stuck to my mouth.  

You came, I have no reason to cry, 
I can read in your eyes how much you care about me.


  • Jul 09, 2020

  • Beautiful. That is a perfect poem for a lady.

    Jul 09, 2020

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