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Months have passed- you and Corbyn had a little more fights then usually. You were thinking about adopting a boy, a girl, and a teen girl and also a teen boy. 

You went up to Corbyn and he looked at you and he asked "Y/N what's wrong"? You look at him and say "I want to adopt four kids".  Corbyn kisses you so hard that you could not breath, when you could breath he finally said "yes we can adopt four kids".  

You and Corbyn go to the  adoption center, you guys finished the tour and meeting all of the kids. The lady asked you "which four do you want to adopt"  You and Corbyn look at each other and say "we want to adopt Jaxon(hot teen), Felix( little brother), 
Mia( gorgeous teen), Abigail ( little sister). 

The lady says "great I will get all four of them". After she got all four of them you tell them your name and Corbyn's name too. After you ask " Do you want to see if our home is good for you guys to have us adopt you all, if not we will understand".  They all said "Sure". You all go home and show them around the Why Don't We's house. The boys say "welcome to the house". Your sister Ayrrianna says " You are all going to like it here trust me".

The next day- they all had you adopt of them. And all of you lived happily ever after as a big family and they boys still have their band too. 

*The end*

P.S. The next story is about Sam and Colby.


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