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I know we do not talk much often,
And neither do we spend much time together,
But let that not deceive you my friend,
I am always with you to the end,
And in my heart you are always there,
You want to know something,
I am here for you.

I know life is not easy,
There are mountains to climb,
Oceans to swim across,
And even storms that seem to drown you,
But you are not alone in all these,
You can count on me to be there,
For I am here for you.

There will always be sad moments in our lives,
When we lose things and people that are valuable,
The pain becomes unbearable at times,
But know this my friend,
When you will need a shoulder to lean on,
Someone to comfort and tell you it will be okay,
I will be there to support you,
Because I am here for you.

When depression hits you,
And you feel you cant take it anymore,
And upon life you want to give up,
And suicidal thoughts cross your mind,
Remember this my friend,
I would rather have you talk to me now,
And come up with a solution for you,
Than talk about you later in your funeral,
And regret what I could have done for you,
Do you want to know why?
Cause I am here for you.

When life becomes kind at you,
And you find a reason to celebrate,
You can count on me to be there,
And a toast will we share,
Your happiness is all that I care,
Because in all moments I will be there,
And I know you are wondering why,
That is because I am here for you.

For better or for worse,
You can count on me,
If the world stand against you,
I will stand with you,
And if it fights you,
I will fight with you my friend,
Dont forget that


  • Jul 08, 2020

  • Jul 15, 2020

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