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   Sometimes, I often think about the way people respond and react to each other every single day. The types of behaviours which we pass onto the next generation and the expectations we set for them to follow as a guide. Many of those expectations of which, we do not follow ourselves on daily trips. Some of us throwing disrespectful remarks or slurs, being inconsiderate of other people's space, and some adults going as far asth rowing destructive tantrums by throwing down mask displays in broad daylight. It's quite a sight to behold, when people think it's okay to run their naked buttocks across the vegetables. Where has our normal society gone?
    Slowly overtime disrespectful advertisements have flooded our society and company names like Poo-Ping Palace and Kidsexchange are among two of thousands of these places of buisness. It doesn't even stop here as now it's been considered okay to print words like Shit Spray on eye glasses cleaner. But the names are not enough, it comes down to the people coming up with them. Where is the good old fashioned  creativity and smacking the head against the wall? Do you want your three year old kid going around saying shit spray every time they walk behind. random people. I guarantee you it'll get a few condescending looks.


  • Jul 09, 2020

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