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Every time she sneeks out to sleep with you braking every rule her mother sets and as soon as she reaches home the lust is gone going to church every Sunday and sleeping with  you every night the pleasure  took her over and she does it again and again and on that Saturday night her mother followed her and heard the screams she walked up to the door and rang the bell and you answerd she raised her hand and did not hesitate to put it to play right across your face leaving her hand print on your face and she walked through the door and grabbed her by the hair and started to drag her out the door and you grabbed her by the hand and said "she's all have please don't take her away from me you'll leave me broken and lonely for the rest of my life "and she turned and looked you in the eye and said "my daughter is not yours to keep not until you proved your self worthy "and he looked down and replied in a slightly tempted tone"how can I prove my self to you "she smiled and turned to the door and removed her hands from her hair and replied "the mountainof religion has a rose on the top of it get it and she is yours fail and its over " and he grabbed his coat and walked through the door and started his journey and by he reached the end of the road she called him back and said "her broken religion is caused by the lust that she has for you and the pleasure of what you do she is allowed to stay with you but she must come home every weekend and Holliday and I would like to see you their too. "he looked at her and smiled an angel then flew over their heads and two years past and they got married and had three children and bought the house beside the her mothers and merged the two houses and every year they would tell the story of how they met to the family .

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    Jul 08, 2020

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