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Do you know that your privacy is being invaded by national security? I did a research on it and found out that because of 911 we lost our privacy act. Our Government doesn't need a warrant to tap all these cell phones, nor do they need a warrant to watch you through your TV, Tablets, Laptops, etc... It was suppose to be used to help stop foreigner's or terrorist but that was just an excuse or lie they told you to have this agenda pushed through. You know why all this chaoticness is going on in the US? Because it's a clean up. They feel the world is overpopulated because we be like our ancestor's and congregate in one area instead of spreading out, so therefore these area's are now overpopulated. Know why the US hates North Korea? And Iraq? Because these people won't conform to our belief's and ways. Ameriacan religion is not allowed to be practiced in these countries. Told you the religious are behind this new world order. Root of all evil as my Father and yours taught me.


  • Light Wolf

    Light Wolf


    Jul 08, 2020

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