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You used to hold me tight at night,
 Now you don't even attend my calls.  
You used to tell me about any problem you had,
 Now I don't even know what hurts your soul. 

 You used to kiss me until you left me breathless,
 Today you can barely touch my cheek
 Just out of habit.  

You used to be my step when I was walking,
 Today I don't even know the direction you are going. 

 You can set fire to the space between us, 
You can drive away the silence, 
I just want to be with you without barriers. 

 You used to tell me, "I love you", 
Today I don't even know if you still have feelings for me. 

 You used to include me in your plans, 
Today you don't even say my name to your friends.

  You used to be the person I loved the most,
Until we both became strangers, 
Just like the day we met: young and naive.


  • Jul 08, 2020

  • Jul 08, 2020

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