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You know, my life without you is not the same.
 You know, without your love, 
How bad I'm feeling now.  

When you feel ready, please come into my arms. 
 Wherever you are now, come here, my love. 
 We have been lost and we are still lost. 
 I hope one day I'll tell you again my first: "Hello."

 You know, we both made mistakes the first time,
 Now I would do anything to make it work. 
 Wherever you are, I'd like you to think about.

 When you are ready, love me again, 
When you are ready, please stay here for a long time.  

You know, there's always another chance,
 Another path, when you're wrong.  
When you are ready, please come to me again.


  • Jul 07, 2020

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