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I do what you call self-talk to help me find solutions or even to just vent in order to release pent up pain within my soul. Well, today as I was talking to myself and those who tap my home (proved it) about my connection with my kids and how I can feel when they are sick, hurt, or going through something because of our bond. 
Example, my oldest son has major ptsd like me and if his starts setting off I too start feeling mine going off. I've been taught how to be aware when my mental issues are about to set off and through that learned how to control them to the best of my ability without the use of mental meds because it was lithium that set mine off. Anyways, if I can feel their emotions, then that means they can feel mine, right? Need a second about to cry again. It makes so much sense why both my boys are the way they are! Because I'm an emotional wreck again, so are my babies! No wonder my oldest has dark energy on him, I mean I know he's dying because of what my sister did, but I'm making it worse! Stress on his body isn't good, it can kill him! Omg! I got to go back to that program that saved my life, in my heart I know I need to, I'm just scared of people these days. Pray for me, pray for all parents like me in the world, because it's the only way to heal our children! 


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    Jul 08, 2020

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