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Yumiko decided to spend the night at Yoongi's (even though Yoongi had to ask countless of times until he agreed) since it was getting dark and made sure to tell Hoseok since he knew how he woud act. The walk back to Yoongi's house was calm and quiet, the wind giving a soft breeze. "Thanks again for showing me your spot," Yumiko said softly as he looked at Yoongi.

The male shrugged his shoulders with a lazy smile on his face. 'Its nothing. You needed a place for inspiration and I just had the right place for it. Just know you can't tell anyone about it, it's a special spot and I don't want it to get ruined," Yoongi said as he stuffed his hands into his pockets. Winter was coming up and everyone knew Yoongi didn't like the cold that much.

Yumiko nodded understanding the male and placed a earbud in his ear, holding the other out for yoongi to take as he pulled out his phone and played a random playlist of his. Yoongi took the ear bud and placed it in his ear, immediately smiling at the song. Yumiko, feeling not afraid to sing in front of the male he's currently growing a liking to, started to sing the lyrics while he continued to walk, eyes closed and a slight hop in his step.

Yoongi's smile widen, sneaking glances at Yumiko as they walked side by side. 


Finally reaching Yoongi's house, it was around 10:36pm when the two walked through the door. A sweet and caring voice rang from the kitchen as the two males walked by. "Yoongi dear, is that you?" she asked. Yoongi and Yumiko paused to see a short woman with long and wavy brown hair peak her head through the opening to of the kitchen door.

"Mom, you're still up," Yoongi said surprised. A small chuckled left his mothers lips. "Of course I am, your father wanted a midnight snack but he's still recovering. I was quite thirsty myself so I thought why not kill two birds with one stone, you know?" she said with a sweet smile. Yoongi nodded as Yumiko awkwardly stood behind the taller male. "Oh? Who's your friend?" she asked tilting her head to get a better view.

"Ah, mom, this is Yumiko. Yumiko, this is my mom." Yoongi said stepping to the side. A little squeak left Yumiko's lips as he jumped a little. "H- hello! I'm Jung Yumiko, nice to meet you," Yumiko said with a little bow. Yoongi's mom laughed as she waved her hand. "The pleasure is all mine. Please, just call me Mrs. Min okay sweetie." Yumiko nodded with wide eyes and mouth agape. Mrs. Min squealed in delight at how cute he looked, a light blush dusting his cheeks as he hid his face in Yoongi's chest since that was the highest place his head could reach when not on the tip of his toes.

"Alright mom, we'll be getting ready for bed now, see you in the morning." Yoongi said as he dragged a blushing Yumiko with him.  After the two got inside his room and the door was shut Yoongi let out a sigh.  "Sorry about that. My mom's really friendly and yeah..." Yoongi said awkwardly.  "It's okay,  I was just surprised is all."

Yoongi nodded his head as he searched for some clothes Yumiko could wear to sleep in. After finding a baggy shirt  and a pair of shorts, Yoongi tossed them to him. "Here, this is the smallest pair of clothes I have." Yoongi said pulling off his shirt. Yumiko squeaked and his behind the shirt that was given to him. "Y- yeah! Don't change in front of me!" Yumiko said madly blushing.

"Why? We both have the same parts," Yoongi said pulling his shirt on. "J- just don't please?" Yumiko asked still hiding behind the shirt.  Yoongi sighed and walked to the bathroom after telling the shorter male he could change in the room. When both were done Yoongi pulled Yumiko in the bed and turned off the lamp that lit his room. 

"Just sleep," he said  with closed eyes. In a few seconds soft snores left Yoongi making Yumiko chuckle and laid his head on his chest, hearing the soft breaths and his heartbeat lulling him to sleep. 


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