Imagine Corbyn Besson (part 19): Read Count : 37

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After Ayrrianna stopped Daniel and Corbyn from beating up Zach any further. Corbyn asked Daniel to grab a towel, once Daniel came back with a towel Corbyn wrapped you in the towel and picked you up, with Daniel behind. After you got out of the shower you went to Corbyn's room and you saw Daniel and Corbyn on the bed mad. You walk up to Corbyn and Corbyn told Daniel "to get out please".  Daniel got out and closed the door.  You look at Corbyn and then he says "Y/N HOW DARE YOU". You get mad and say " HOW DARE I HE IS THE ONE WHO STARTED IT". Corbyn  yells at you again and says "YES HOW DARE YOU, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO SHOULD OF GOTTEN AWAY FROM HIM AND CALLED ME, AND NOW YOU ARE BLAMING IT ON HIM, YOU KNOW WHAT GET OUT NOW!"  You did not get out when Corbyn told you too, so Corbyn got mad and smacked you so hard that you ran out of the room to the rest of the group. Daniel saw you were crying and asked "what's wrong Y/N". You look at Corbyn who was on the stairs and back to Daniel. You told him "I miss mom and dad".

Daniel said "I called them a week ago and they are on their way now." You tell "WHAT". and then Ayrrianna said "didn't you say that you miss them and that is why you are crying". You looked at them and then there was a knock on the door. You go and open the door. Your mom hugged you and said "miss us". And you said "yes".  Night time,  you were on the couch and you could not sleep and your mom came down and asked "Corbyn smacked you huh".  Your eyes got so wide that you were crying again. After your mom claimed you down, you then ask "how did you know Corbyn smacked me"? Your mom says "your eye is swollen and black and blue".  "Oh". Your mom said "I won't tell anyone but first I need to talk to someone else, please get some rest".  "Okay mom good night love you".  And then you go to bed. Your mom goes up the stairs and called all of the boys besides Ayrrianna and Daniel. She then asks "what happened".  The boys were confused and asked "what do you mean"?. And she said "Between all of you and Y/N". Then all of the boys told her everything. She then looked at Corbyn and Corbyn started to cry and he spilled the tea. 

The mom took Corbyn's hand and said "go  to her". And before he could go. You open the door, and walk right in you look at Corbyn and he saw the black eye he gave you. Your mom and the rest of the boys leave. Corbyn asked "you heard everything huh." Yeah sorry I could not sleep so I followed my mom". He said he was sorry and asked you "do you forgive me". You kiss him and he kissed you back and you just stood there hugging each other for a few minutes. And the door opened and you saw your mom and the rest of the boys there. You run to your mom and say "thank you mom". "Your welcome darling ,now let's get you an ice pack for that eye of yours".


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