Miraculous Klix Fanfic. Meet There Future Kid Part 2. Read Count : 18

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So i am going to start where we left of.

"Mama wake up." lily said.

"What happened?" alix asked.

"You fainted do you remember why?" LB asked.

"Yeah i think i remember." alix said.

" So can I please stay with you mama?" lily asked.

" yeah I quess." alix said.

"Ok so i'm going to go." LB said.

The next morning going to school. I am to lazy to finish the rest of the night😂.

" So how are you related to me? I mean I can see how your related to kim but not me." Alix asked.

"Well for starters we have the same fashion choice." Lily said.

"Ok well why do you have that eye patch?" Alix asked. 

"Well you see my eyes are not the same color." Lily replyed.

"Hor are the not the same color?" Alix asked.

" Well it's hard to explain so I will just show you." Lily said.

"Ok." Alix said
"Ok so you can see the eye that looks like kims eye." Lily said.

"Yeah I can." Alix replied.

"So when I take of the eqye patch the other one is your eye color." Lily told her.

"Wow you should wear the eye patch of for school." Alix said.

"Really thanks mama." Lily said.

"Also just call me alix." Alix said.

"Ok." Lily said.

So look out for part 3


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    Jul 07, 2020

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