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In the end it was just me and my thoughts,
A painful trap, long after you were gone I don't ever think this pain will ever end, for you my love is and always will be my first True Unconditional Love Experience, which I know just as well as you have, that not a single person in this world could ever possible to come even close to give me the same kind of True Unconditional Love as you, after you have done exactly what I had asked of you, after you and I had gotten together as boyfriend and girlfriend just three years of us tying the knot, December of 2018, just in hopes to show the real world, what True Unconditional Love feels as well as hopefully even looks like, especially in a really hopeless places, as you and I had found our true love as well as our soulmates in this very fucked up world as we both happen to being homeless living on the streets in tents somewhere in the middle of downtown Salt lake,if you or anyone else for that matter would had asked me if I had ever thought that I would find True Unconditional Love while being homeless living out on the streets in the middle of downtown Salt Lake, I would had told you all HELL NO!! But in the end of the Painful traps in which I had created all by myself, with you gone for a little while which had seemed like forever and felt like etrinty, as if you were never going to be here by my side ever again, which I had known, just shortly after my decisions, while you were defenseless as well as locked up, that my own but, yet fucked up choices would really soon creat my own painful traps, which I must live with, I just hope and pray like HELL that manily you won't have to live with these very painful traps, in which I had created. which has ended with me, at the end of the day with me and my own thoughts as well as my own thoughts as well as my own very painful as HELL Traps.
           My love of my life, I just hope that I hadn't fucked up to bad this time around, that someday you'll be able to fully forgive but, of course not forget what painful traps (things that I had done to you while you were defenseless as well as locked up), before our time here on Earth  comes to a screeching halt, as one of us has passed on. I'm Truly I am sorry for ALL of the Painful traps that I had caused the two of us but,I'm more truly I'm sorry for the Painful traps that I had caused you, and not just for the present but, for the rest of your dying days here on Earth, I REALLY TRULY LOVE & CARE about you I know I have shown you, the complete opposite of how someone shows the person who supposed to be their TRUE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF their life, unlike I have shown, not just you but to the rest of the world as well.  So for now in the end of the day I will ALWAYS BE ALL by myself with my own thoughts of how I could had done things differently as well how I might possibly make things better with NO MORE PAINFUL   


© Donna's Guide Of Surviving A Brutal Life


  • Amazing poem.

    Jul 15, 2020

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