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I know what you say
But do you know what i say
When you know what I say 
You always seek away

I can't tell you, that i love you
When i see you, I fall for you
I lost in you, when I talk to you
But you always seek away

Hey Nymph!  Do you hear
What i said in the ear
If I lost you here 
I won't be able to go anywhere

Some says love is magical
Some says it is horrible
But when I feel what is love
It was really unexplainable 

Mathematicains say love is an equation
Chemists says it is a reaction
In history it is a war
But for me it's just you 

If you say no to me
I just want to hear one thing
Can we be friends, 
Just we suppose to be? 


  • Waiting for more.So far soo good.

    Jul 07, 2020

  • Jul 07, 2020

  • Jul 07, 2020

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