The Bad Boy|| Part One(Daniel Seavey) Read Count : 27

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*in the morning*
Your alarm had gone off early in the morning because you had school so you got up and took a quick shower,  you threw on black short shorts and sport bra type crop top and did your hair up into French braids,  you grabbed your bag and went downstairs and made yourself so breakfast,  since you were living in apartment in LA,  you didn't get to see your twin brother corbyn a lot because he was always busy with his band,  so you got eating breakfast and grabbed your keys and went to the school, you didn't want to go since you were shy and you didn't want to go because of your bully but you didn't half to worry because he transferred,  you got to school and parked your car and you seen your brother hanging out with the other boys so you ran up to him and he did the same and you hugged,  the boys looked at you and looked at each other, you seen another boy walking up and you noticed in the was another member of the band and You looked at corbyn, you knew the other members of band but not him “Corbyn who is that??” You said with a confused look on your face,  corbyn looked at Daniel then looked back at you “Y/N this is daniel,  Daniel this is Y/N” you guys both shared a smile and waved at each other,  you told corbyn you guys had to get to class so you and the boys went to class and you guys all sat together,  

*skip to the end of school*

You and the boys walked out of the building and went your guys cars,  corbyn looked at you “Y/N do you maybe wanna come over today and hang out for a bit??” You look at corbyn and nods “Sure! I'll see you guys later on,  I'm gonna go home and change into something else” you guys smiled and hugged and then you drove back home, when you got home,  you parked your car and went inside with your bag and you went to your room and begin to do your homework,  once you were done,  you got up and changed into black ripped jeans,  a laced crop top,  with a leather jacket and your hair was still in french braids,  you grabbed your phone and texted your brother

*the text conversation*

Twin Brother

Y/N:Hey Corbyn,  I'm gonna head over now!
Corbyn:Alright sis,  make sure you have your swimsuit! We'll see you when your here!
Y/N:Already ahead of you bro! See you when I get there!
Corbyn:Bye sis! Love you!
Y/N:Bye bro,  love you too!

*end of conversation*

You got into your car with your bag and phone and started the car and drove off to the house as you were jamming out to music on the way there, 

*few hours later*

you finally got to the house since it was on the other side of town and you pulled into the driveway and got out with your bag and went up to the house and knocked on the door,  Corbyn heard the knock and went downstairs and opened the door and hugged you “Hey sis! Come in!” he said moving out of the way,  you smiled at him while hugging him back “Hey bro! Okay then!” You walked into the house and looked around “Wow this house is big!” You said as you seen the rest of the boys “Hey guys!” Jonah looked over “Hey y/n!” Jack looked as well “Hey skater girl!” Skater girl was your nickname that he gave you because you two would always go skating together,  Zach came downstairs and looked at you “Hey y/n!” You smiled at him and seen Daniel and looked at him “Hey Daniel!” he looked at you and smiled “Hey y/n” he said as a smirk came up on his face and he looked at you up and down and you noticed that he was and you blushed at him but corbyn seen and whispered in your ear “Be careful with him sis,  he plays girls,  he gets with them and then breaks their hearts the next day” You looked at him and nodded “Alright Corbyn” you whispered back and looked at everyone,  as Zach spoke up “let's go for a swim!” The boys and you nodded as you guys went to get changed and you came out with a blue mixed with white bikini and the boys stared and smiled as you guys all went to the pool but you laid out until corbyn picked you up and threw you in “Corbyn!!” You laugh and got out as corbyn laughed and looked at you and begin to run away but you caught him and pushed him into the pool and you did a flip into the pool with the rest of the boys following behind you, 

*Few hours past*

You guys got out of the pool and went back inside and got changed,  you looked at Daniel and smiled softly as he took you to his room to talk to you,  so you guys went up to the room and he shut the door and said “Whatever corbyn said is a lie,  but I like you,  when I met you,  I gained feelings and I wanted to know if you wanted to be my girlfriend??" You got excited a bit but though back to what your brother said but you shrugged"Of course I'll be your girl!" You guys smiled and Hugged each other,  corbyn came in and looked at you two “One I heard everything,  two congrats y/n but three don't hurt her daniel if you do there's gonna be problems!” Daniel nodded and you had to leave so you kissed daniel but he pulled you back “Why don't you stay the night tonight?” corbyn looked at him and nodded at you and you smiled“Okay sure! I brought clothes so sure!” You went to go changed into your pjs and went downstairs to get water from the kitchen and you started to sing to yourself but little did you know the boys were standing there,  hiding behind the wall listening to you sing 

*to be continued*


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