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(The episode opens with Elementary kids: Sciencia, Dumbra, Kisa, and I on a stage)

(Sciencia has long brown hair, brown skin, two heart earrings, wearing a white dress and heels)

(Kisa has long blonde hair, white skin, pearl earrings, wearing a mini pink dress and heels)

(Dumbra has two black ponytails, wearing a silver dress and silver boots)

(I have long black hair, brown skin, wearing sunglasses on my head, red shirt, blue skirt, and black boots)

(Guitar is playing)

(The screen shows the sign in pink 'Master of Dancing

By Kanisha girls

A Metal Anthem beside the girls)

(The girls sang)

Faster than a falcon

Terrifying spider

Enraged and like a malkin

He's half man and half greider

Master of dancing I'm pulling your chain

Twisting your words and smashing your dreams

Blinded by me, you can't see the arcane

Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you scream



Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you scream



Five is the number of the spider.

A sweet ghost nestled somewhere in time

A caring demon - no warnings, no signs

Judgment day and the a daring spider arrives

Eventually, they all commit crimes

The dreams went SMACK, there was no use turning back

'Cause I just had to see, was a spider watching me?

In the mist the words twist

Was all this swell, or just some kind of hell?

Five is the number of the spider.

Is it the end, my friend?

Master you're going 'round the bend

Half man and half greider

No, no, please, no

Five ... five

(The screen shows the girls bow and the audience cheer)

Me: Thank you! Thank you!

(Kisa winks)

(Dumbra waves)

(Sciencia winks)

(We walk into our dressing room)

(The screen shows Kisa removing makeup off my face)

Me (while Kisa is taking off lip gloss): That concert was crazy

Kisa (looking at me): It was perfect, and you looked beautiful.

Me: I did.

Dumbra: Absolutely (looks at the mirror taking blush off her)

Me: How many views did we get?

Sciencia (looking at a tablet) (smiles): Ten million.

(Dumbra, Kisa, Sciencia, and I high five each other)

(Phone rings)

Me: I got (jumps,grabs the phone, and lands on the chair) Hello

A female voice (on phone): Kanisha, when are you coming home?

Me: We just finished our concert.

A female voice (on phone): That's great, dad finished making chilidogs.

Me: (jumps) Woohoo! (Lands on the chair) (cool) That's great.

Kisa (looks at the watch): Kanisha, we have to go 

Me: (hangs the phone up) I do too (smiles) chilidogs are calling me.

Dumbra: It's too bad, we can't meet your family unless it's a full moon.

Me: Well, that's Sunday.

Kisa(claps) (smiles): Great

Sciencia (tapping on her tablet): I have it on the schedule.

Me: I can't wait, until you can meet my family, well technically you already have, but this time they can see you.

Kisa: That'll be absolutely perfect.

Dumbra: And we can have a family chat

Sciencia: Yeah, I have a few things I would like to discuss

Me: Great, just make sure it isn't long.

Sciencia (salutes): Promise 

Me: Well, I better go.

(Dumbra, Sciencia, and Kisa hug me, then let's go)

(I walked into a teleportation machine)

Sciencia: Tell your family except us Sunday.

Me (waves goodbye): I will

(Sciencia presses the red button and I got teleported away)

(The screen switches to me in my room)

(A 9-year-old African American girl who has long hair, wearing a light green shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes opens the door. Her name is Litai)

Litai: Kanisha, the chilidogs are waiting.

Me: I'm coming.

Litai: I saw the video, it was amazing, you girls are fantastic.

Me: Thank you, sis (smiles)

Litai: (sits down by me) I really want to meet them.

Me (smiles): You will.

Litai (shocked): When?

Me (smiles wider): Sunday

Litai (surprised): No way! (Jumps) really?

(I nodded)

Litai: That's perfect (gets up) Hold on 

(Litai walks to the door and opens it)

(Behind the door is a 16-year-old boy who has curly brown hair, wearing sunglasses on his head, red shirt, blue jeans, and white slippers. His name is Banzan)

Litai: Eavesdropping again.

Banzan: No. Mom told me to see why the hungry twins aren't downstairs.

Me: We're coming, I'll tell them the news (walks out of the door)

(Litai follows me and closes the door)

(Banzan shrugs his shoulder and walks after me and Litai)

(The screen shows A 30-year-old African  American woman who has long hair, wearing a white shirt, black skirt, and black heels named Sky and 31-year-old African  American man who has short hair, wearing a white outfit and shoes named Kev)

(Sky puts plates on the table, and Kev sees Me, Litai, and Banzan come downstairs)

Kev: Kanisha, you have to tell me, how many views.

Me: Ten million.

(Kev gives me a high five)

Sky (rubs my hair): That's my girl.

(Everybody sat at the table)

Me: I have good news.

Sky: Sounds interesting, what is it?

Banzan: Did your 'friends' say hi ?

Me: You have seen them, so you know you can see them.

(Banzan eats)

Me: Sunday, since there is a full moon, a portal to their world will open and they can come here.

Kev: Here, like... here here.

Me: Yup, isn't that exciting?

Sky: Yes, I want to talk to your alien sister: Dumbra.

Me: and she wants the same.

Sky: Let's see if that works well.

Banzan: Yeah, great (continues eating)

(I smiled)

Kev: Is it odd in the imaginary realm?

Me: No, it's very normal, it's like Earth except it has many supernatural things, powers and beings.

Banzan (looks excited): Like vampires, witches, ghost

Me: And more

Banzan: Great

Litai: So, Sunday is the day, I've always wanted to meet them.

Me: I agree, I know you all will get along with them, especially you, Litai (winks)

Litai: I'm glad.

(Episode ends)


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