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I offer you my thoughts as a precious gift,
I offer you my heart
Because I know,
 That you will protect it 
With your strong white wings.

  I offer myself completely, 
I hope I will be enough for you,
 I offer you my arms
 When you want to hide from this selfish world. 

 I'm going to offer you my kisses
 On cold winter mornings,
 When you'll both want to stay
 In bed for a long period.

  I offer you every dream
 That I want to divide in two, 
Where I will be, 
There will be space for you too. 

 I will give you my time, 
Until my life flows,
 Through your fingers 
I want to set my fingers free. 

 I give you the freedom 
To love me every day 
Until the mission is accomplished,
 And you will get out of me.

  I offer you everything I have
 And everything I am,
 I hope that this will be enough 
And that you will stay.


  • Jul 07, 2020

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